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You can use the range of services on offer for you:


  • Cart and Address Book - Any products added to shopping online to its abolition, amendment or confirmation. Now we can ship your products to another address besides your. This is ideal for sending birthday gifts, name day or any other occurrence directly to the people celebrate around the world.

  • Price Transparency - In addition to excellent service, on Capri Kronos will always be certain to find highly competitive prices and a guarantee of absolute transparency. The prices displayed online are already inclusive of VAT and delivery costs. What you see is exactly what you pay at the end of your purchase.


  • Order and Reviews - View a list of the historical purchases with us from your registration until now. Share with other customers product options, and compared with their comments.


  • Shipping and Insurance - Capri Kronos manages dozens of orders every day but its organizational machine allows him to handle your requests as quickly as possible. Thanks to the constant search for the best partners in the logistics, Capri Kronos is also able to deliver your purchases or gifts from any address in the world, in a very short time. The average time of delivery by courier must be considered from the take-over of the goods. The calculation must not be considered on Saturdays and holidays. Please note that each shipment is carefully packed and secured above, and shipping charges are automatically calculated by the same system when choosing the type of service and confirmation of the order. In this regard, any customs duties or taxes for purchases made outside the European Union are the sole responsibility of the recipient.


  • Variety of Choice - On Capri Kronos find large choice and convenience, hundreds of items ranging from jewelry, to gold, silver, watchmaking and their accessories. A wide range of products of the best national and international brand.


  • Warranty and Originality - The advantage of buying on Capri Kronos is not only in price but also in the certainty of the best guarantees for the consumer. Any item for sale on our website comes in fact from a distributor or reseller and is therefore covered by the original manufacturer's warranty of coverage for defects, according to DL 206/05.


  • Secure Payments - With Capri Kronos your purchases are always protected, any payment method you choose: credit card, debit card or wire bank transfer. The online credit card transactions are made directly on the site of the Bank, through a secure server that adopts the system of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Nobody, not even Capri Kronos, you may be aware of codes of credit cards used by its customers. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro, CUP, PostePay means PayPal Express Checkout. If your choice is instead on a payment by wire bank transfer, Capri Kronos undertakes to keep available for fixed price product of your interest for a few days, the time normally necessary to complete the formal practices of financing or transfer of currency. Finally, you can pay cash on delivery (only in Italy) all products of less than 999,99 euro.


  • Respect for Privacy - On Capri Kronos is required to register in order to make a purchase. In this case, we will ask only the information necessary to process the order and quick delivery of the goods purchased. Through the correct and complete adjustment to the existing legislation on the processing of personal data, however Capri Kronos guarantees you a total privacy, giving you the assurance that your personal information will not be used for any reason, without your explicit and specific authorization.


  • After Sales Support - For Capri Kronos the customer is that especially after the purchase. After completing your order, you can always count on our service to customers. You will quickly report any problem with our players, getting a quick solution. Use the contacts listed in the section of our website.


  • Simplicity and Improvements - Capri Kronos made shopping online even easier, with a site easier and easier to navigate, explore and find the product that is really for you, full of services designed to inform and direct you towards the products you really need: systems guided research, news and information on the manufacturers. Our primary objective is to achieve an ideal level of service to users. Help us to serve you as best as possible, possibly by sending us your recommendations and suggestions for us to grow according to your needs.



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