About us





This new company was born on the island of Capri in July of 2010 from an idea by Mario Ruocco - belonging to a historic family of Capri goldsmiths since 1947 - is the result of fifteen years of experience gained in the field of watches, jewelry and fashion accessories. Above all, is a perfect combination of his passion for watches and the world of the internet. And, of course, is based on sound principles of honesty, reliability and transparency. As in the best traditions of trade.




The customer is the most important visitor of our company. He does not need us.

Are we to need him. The customer does not interrupt our work, but it is the purpose of it.

The customer is no stranger to our work. It is a part of it. In serving not do you a favor.

He is giving us the opportunity to let us serve you.


Quote from: Mahatma Gandhi